Abraham Mora, Founder and President of Arms Security Corp., is a highly-awarded Chicago Police officer with 20-plus years on the force and over 100 departmental commendations. Prior to joining the CPD, Abe was a high school science teacher who got into education as a way to do some good. Maintaining order, ensuring everyone stayed safe, and helping people pursue their dreams turned out to be excellent training for police work—a vocation he believed would give him an opportunity to do even more good for more people.

As a young officer, Abe pursued off-duty security work to supplement his income. Seeing a growing need for security services, and a way to help both the officers he served with and the communities that depended on them, he founded the Arms Security Corporation.

Jonathan “Kirk” Ortiz, Vice President, is Arms Security Corp’s second in command. A firm believer in leading by example, Kirk still spends more time in the field than behind a desk. He has been with Arms Security Corp. for 11 of the company’s 14 years, rising through the ranks by consistently proving himself. This is not surprising given he holds a wide range of advanced certifications including S.W.A.T., crowd control, verbal judo / de-escalation, and security awareness. Kirk continues to serve as a sworn, active duty peace officer. 

Sabrina Velarde, Business Development Representative, comes to Arms Security with an extensive background in a completely different kind of security: financial. Sabrina’s passion for nurturing her clients’ investments is only exceeded by her passion for being a mom to her two daughters. Whether she’s helping her daughters or our clients’ businesses grow, Sabrina knows how important maintaining a safe and secure environment is to future success.